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So what's all the fuss about aging?

For thousands of years, people have looked for ways to maintain their youthful looks and vitality as they age. In search of the fountain of youth, people often rely on artificial means to alleviate the signs and symptoms of aging. Hair implants and colouring, breast implant, facelifts, make-up, Viagra, penile implants and heart operations are only a few of the methods used for this purpose. These methods are temporary fixes that may alleviate or mask some of the symptoms of aging - but these do not reverse aging itself.

Why Healthy Aging Medicine?
What is Healthy Aging Medicine?*
Beating Heart Disease - Public Enemy Number One
HGH, the Master Hormone of Youth*
The Pacemakers of Youth*
My Best Friend, My Worst Enemy
Joining a Longevity Program: What to look for
Theory of Cell Damage, Balance, and Transportation
Other Theories of Aging
Signs and Symptoms of Aging
Life Expectancy
Demographics of Aging

The best way to slow or reverse your aging process is by joining a health and longevity program at a clinic with expertise in the field. The clinic should be run by a physician who is board certified in Healthy Aging medicine.

Click here for more information on joining such a program.