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Remember when you were in college and stayed up all night drinking beer, eating pizza, and partying, yet you still were able to attend class in the morning? How many of you could do that now? What is the big difference between youth and age? To a large degree, it is defined by hormonal balance and receptor site sensitivity. Hormones are chemical messengers; receptors to these hormones reside on the surface of cells and are the recipients of these chemical messages. Aging is in part due to a process of metabolic miscommunication in which the endocrinological messages from our master regulator glands, for one reason or another, don't reach their recipients - the organs and cells of our body.

When hormones are restored to their youthful levels, balance is reinstated and receptor site sensitivity is improved. Replacing the hormones which decline with age, such as estrogen, testosterone, DHEA, melatonin, and now HGH, is as important to the treatment of aging as is replacing normal levels of insulin is to an insulin-dependent diabetic. Tens of thousands of studies in the world medical literature have documented the benefits of HRT and HGH therapy. At this same time, over 10 million American women are benefiting from HRT with estrogen and millions more are taking HGH, melatonin, DHEA, testosterone and other hormones of youth, as well as their nutritional precursors.

Good hormonal balance is essential for health. The effectiveness of hormones depends on many factors including the type of compounding. Hormonal testing and balance protocols are available at Longevity Healthy Aging™ (LHA™). For an appointment, call 416-652-9862 or 1-866-YOUNG-86.

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