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The answer to this question is very simple- we all want a better quality of life, allowing us to reach a higher age free of disease, and able to think, act and live independently rather than becoming a burden to our family, society and ourselves.

The more important question is how do we achieve longevity and healthy aging? This is the basis of the program called "Cells First™" theory of aging developed by Dr. S. Bergman. The answer to this question is both simple and complex. It is complex because in many of us, it requires changes in the way we act and think after years of being brainwashed that aging is inevitable and that living with disease and morbidity is a normal part of aging. The simple part comes once we overcome our previous perceptions on aging, and come to realize that it is possible to live longer and healthier.

The first goal of the Cells First™ program is education on longevity and healthy aging, and the prevention and reversion of the degenerative diseases of aging. This is because the moment we understand these basic issues related to aging, we can then be better equipped to overcome them.

Have you ever had a heart attack or stroke or suffer from angina? If you answered yes to either of these questions, please complete the following 5 minute educational survey.

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