life expectancy

Our mean life span has changed dramatically, but the maximum life span has not.

In 1800, the mean life span in the United States was about a quarter century and the maximum was about 120.
In 1900 the mean was about 50 years and the maximum had not changed.
Today, the mean is about 75 years and the maximum still has not changed.*

Although our life expectancy has increased in recent years, we still have a long way to go before our mean life span is that of Moses.

We start aging at approximately age 25. Aging is a gradual process – it seems slow but often when we realize how old we are, it seems like it has happened quickly.

Back to the Future- we do not yet have the technology to bring us back to our chronological twenties. However, we do have the ability to reach a higher chronological age, and at the same time function at a younger age.

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