how to join our programs

Joining our programs is easy. Simply call 416-652-9862 and make an appointment to be assessed and treated at our centre.

Although joining is easy, we would appreciate if you know ahead of time what you would like to gain by joining. Do you want:

  • to be happy?
  • to be healthy?
  • not to have chest pain, or heart surgery?
  • to improve your sex life?
  • to have improved memory, vision, hearing?
  • to live longer, with an improved quality of life?
  • to improve your energy levels?
  • to have improved skin?
  • to sleep better
  • to treat osteoporosis
  • to learn about natural and synthetic hormones
  • to find out if you have toxic elements in your body and how to detoxify yourself
  • to find out if the supplements you are already using are beneficial to you or are causing you more damage.

We want you to be an active participant in improving your health rather than a passive spectator. We shall do our best to teach you and develop a program that is suitable for your needs. We realize that you are unique and know your body best, and only expect that you make your best effort to learn and improve in areas regarding your health. We will tell you up front what we can achieve as well our limitations, and we will give you an estimated cost. And since learning goes both ways, we hope to learn from the knowledge that you have gained over the years.