what is healthy-aging medicine? (3)

Educate Yourself!

  • Aging is a gradual process that begins at a young age.
  • Read, learn, ask questions, and speak with an expert in anti-aging medicine.
  • Optimize your antioxidant protection and have appropriate testing to measure your oxidative stress levels.
  • Exercise regularly according to your ability, but remember that too much exercise can be detrimental to your health by increasing free radical damage.
  • Look young, think young, and be young. “As a man thinketh, so shall ye be.” True words – the mind-body connection is a powerful force in medicine, healing and longevity. Looking good will help you in feeling good.
  • Drive a large vehicle and always wear seat belts. Odds are 200% better of surviving a crash than in a subcompact.
  • Find a physician who is board certified in anti-aging medicine, and who will be your partner in a personal anti-aging medical program.
  • Aging and diseases such as osteoporosis, heart disease, and cancer are in most cases the result of a multitude of insults which accumulate over time. Prevention and early detection are essential first steps, and should be followed by treatment and reversion.
  • For maximum longevity, limit fats to 30% or less.
  • Use an appropriate balance and appropriate types of fats. They are essential for health, but have to be used appropriately.
  • Don’t accept “You are just getting old” as an excuse for not feeling youthful and energetic. Fatigue, depression, slowed thought, truncal obesity, weakness, aches and pains are all treatable and reversible signs of aging that should alert you to a need for anti-aging medical intervention.
  • Have your hormones appropriately tested and well balanced.
  • Maintain sexual performance and refuse to accept diminished function – this ability is an absolute indication of health and longevity.
  • Aging is not inevitable. Join us in saying “NO” to the old reality of degenerative diseases of aging. Together we can change the reality of aging and eliminate old age disease. Together we will help usher in the ageless society of healthful, modern-time disease-free life spans of 100 years and beyond.

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An appropriate balance of essential fatty acids and phospholipids was found to decrease the risk of sudden death, arrhythmias and certain cancers, as well as improve memory and vision. Measure your essential fatty acids and phospholipids, and according to the results we can help you consume the appropriate balance of fats and improve your health.