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About Our Programs

Longevity Healthy Aging® offers programs for healthy aging, as well as programs targeting the prevention, reversion, and treatment of the degenerative diseases of aging (such as osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease, pain, memory problems, among others). We treat “healthy people” as well as individuals suffering from age-related conditions such as memory loss, Parkinson’s disease, heart disease, osteoporosis, decreased vision, cancer, arthritis, diabetes mellitus, sexual dysfunction and prostatic hypertrophy. Depending on the specific condition, our programs may include one or more of the following components- education, detailed histories and physical exams, assessment of organ function (such as brain function), lab testing, nutrition, and specific treatments. We may take blood and urine samples, test your memory, check for the presence of toxic materials, as well as check your body reserves and assess your risk factors for diseases such as heart disease. We may perform static tests and/or provocative testing. After analyzing the results carefully, we develop a specialized treatment program for you that is aimed at improving cell function, and your overall condition. The treatments offered can combine both conventional and complementary care using different types of nutrients and many combinations of intravenous protocols, including Advanced Chelation.

Who Can Join our Programs?

  • People of all ages! Age is not a factor — you can be young or old!
  • You may be “healthy” and interested in prevention, or you may be suffering from a condition which you would like to reverse, cure, or live better with.
  • What matters is your determination and will.

Advanced chelation gives results. For an appointment, call 416-652-9862 or 1-866-YOUNG-86. To learn more about chelation, click here.